Book 1 & 2

Students in the Suzuki Institute receive semi-private lessons, group lessons, ensemble experience, music related enrichment classes (such as fiddling, intro to rock music, improvisation, fiddling, musicianship or Dalcroze) and performance experience, all taught by expert teachers. 

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Every program is developed especially with your child's age and playing abilities in mind. Students will be placed accordingly with other students studying similar repertoire and enjoy enrichment activities that will bolster their confidence and musical finesse. 

Parents gain inspiration observing their children receive instruction from expert teachers and develop community spending time with fellow parents.  Daily parent lectures are offered at no extra cost and are sure to nurture and refresh. 

The program is designed with the understanding that parents will be involved, as they are at home, with lessons, practice, and the general supervision of their children. Each institute day may begin as early as 9:00am and ends as late as 5:00pm.  Some evenings may have additional optional activities scheduled.

Students should review the entire Suzuki repertoire up to his or her current playing level. Specific repertoire lists will be available on this website before the workshop.

At the first master class, students should be prepared to play a polished piece as a solo for the teacher.  A technically and musically mature piece will help the teacher assess the student’s needs – pick an old piece that you know really well.

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Curriculum for Book 1 & 2

Cellists should bring a rock stop and small chair (if needed).
Guitarists should bring any personalized equipment they may need.

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Each student will have 4 hours of classes per day, which may include the following:

  • 1 hour master class (short, semi-private lesson, 4 students per class)

  • 1 hour group class (large group class)

  • 1 hour music theory

  • 1 hour music movement or enrichment class

  • 1 hour attendance at Solo Honors Recitals (If you are interested in performing at a recital you can check back soon for directions for submitting your recording.)

  • Daily Practice

  • Optional: 1 hour attendance at evening concerts

  • Performance in Finale Concert on Friday