Chamber Music Workshop PREP

Registration deadline is April 15.

What is CMW PREP?

String students ages 10 and up at specific playing levels who would like to experience chamber music are encouraged to register for Chamber Music Workshop PREP.

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Students in this program will be placed in small chamber ensembles (trio, quartet or quintet) and will have 4 classes per day - a small chamber ensemble coaching, a master class, a Suzuki group class, and an enrichment class such as orchestra, fiddling, jazz or Dalcroze every day. Chamber Groups will perform on Thursday evening, June 20.

Minimum performance levels for applicants are:

  • Violin - Suzuki Book 4

  • Viola - Suzuki Book 3

  • Cello - Suzuki Book 3


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Rehearsing the Lark Quartet by Haydn


How do I register?

Registration deadline is April 15.

Students must send in a video of their playing - to be used to help with group placement. This is not an audition video - it is just to help with group placement and choosing appropriate repertoire.

Video Requirements:

1 piece from Suzuki Book 3 or higher (viola, cello)

1 piece from Suzuki Book 4 or higher (violin)

How to upload a video


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Coaching with Adam Cordle


What's the schedule like?

This program is specifically designed for students who would like to experience chamber music but would also like to have a schedule with a semi-private lesson, a Suzuki group class, orchestra or an enrichment class such as jazz, improv, fiddling, musicianship, Dalcroze, etc. 

Each student will have 4 hours of classes per day, which may include the following:

  • 1 hour coaching in small chamber group (trio, quartet or quintet)

  • 1 hour master class (short, semi-private lesson, 3 students per class)

  • 1 hour group class (large group class)

  • 1 hour music movement or enrichment class

  • 1 hour string orchestra

  • 1 hour attendance at Solo Honors Recitals (If you are interested in performing at a recital you can check back soon for directions for submitting your recording.)

  • Daily Practice

  • Optional: 1 hour attendance at evening concerts

  • Performance in PREP Finale Concert on Thursday Evening


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CMW PREP Finale Concert


Do we get music ahead of time?

Yes! Here's a timeline:

  • Registration deadline is April 15.

  • Music is available beginning May 15.

How do I submit a video?

Directions can be found here: How to upload a video

The same link will also make suggestions for how to get a high quality video.


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What about parental attendance?

Since students in CMW PREP are ages 10 and up, parents are required to attend classes and provide supervision.

Students 12 an older may attend classes by themselves.


What about the dorm?

Students in CMW PREP are welcome to stay in the dorm but parents are required to stay with them. CMW PREP students may not stay in the CMW Teen Dorm as it is reserved for CMW students only.