Los Angeles Chamber Music Workshop

Application Deadline is March 20.

Application Form can be found HERE.

Applicants will be notified of  audition results by April 15, and full payment will be due by April 30th.

If payment is not received by April 30th, your spot for CMW is forfeited. 

Once you have been notified of acceptance, please return to this page to PAY TUITION.

CMW Tuition (includes Teen Dorm)

Tuition for Chamber Music Workshop

Tuition includes room and board.

Check-in June 17 and check-out June 22.

Meals from lunch June 17 thru lunch June 22.

Teen Dorm is available for CMW students only and offers evening activities and general supervision.

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Teen Dorm

Please note that all CMW participants stay in the teen dorm - and tuition includes room and board.

Students 13 and older may stay in the dorm without a parent or guardian.

CMW provides 24 hour supervision for the Teen Dorm residents.

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Student Scholarships

100% of any donations goes towards student scholarships

Additional T-shirt

Want an additional t-shirt besides the one included with tuition? Here's where to get your very own LASI 2018 t-shirt!

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