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Membership in the SAA is required to do Teacher Training.
Please note, if you are not an SAA member, you must join before taking teacher training (other than 'Every Child Can!')
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Name of Reference
Please provide a reference who is willing to fill out an online recommendation. Reference should be a trainer you have previously trained under, a family who has studied with you for at least four years, a teacher you have studied with or a teaching colleague. Your reference will receive an email with a link to the recommendation form. Please be sure to allow enough time for your reference to fill the form in and return it by the application deadline.
LASI Scholarship Committee will hold all information in confidence. Please provide a written statement below explaining why a scholarship is necessary to attend. Please include any unusual expenses or circumstances you would like taken into consideration. Please scan and email OR postal mail your most recently submitted tax year Form 1040, (Pages 1 & 2 only) OR equivalency translated into US currency figures directly to: lasi@suzukimusiclosangeles.com or mail to: Los Angeles Suzuki Institute, 340 S. Lemon St. #6095, Walnut, CA 91789. Please provide a written statement below, regarding why you are applying for this scholarship to support your training:
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