LASI* Repertoire/Review Lists

All the repertoire pieces, including supplemental, are expected to be memorized by the first class.

*Please note, these repertoire lists are for LASI and CMW PREP, and not CMW.


Book 1 & 2: All

Book 3:  Bach Gavotte in G minor, Humoresque, Becker Gavotte

Book 4: Seitz 5 – 1st Movement, Vivaldi A minor 3rd movement, Bach Double

Book 5: Vivaldi A minor 2nd movement, Veracini Gigue, Bach Double

Book 6: Fiocco Allegro, Rameau Gavotte

Book 7: Bach Concerto in A minor 1st movement, Corelli Allegro

Book 8: Tambourin, Largo Espressivo by Pugnani



Book 1 & 2: All

Book 3: Martini Gavotte, Minuet by Bach, Gavotte by Bach, Minuet in D by Mozart

Book 4: Seitz 2 – 3rd Movement, Telemann Concerto in G Major 1st and 2nd movements, Telemann Double Concerto 4th movement

Book 5 and up: Contact the institute director at (562) 584-6527 or



Book 1: All

Book 2: Long Long Ago in C, Minuet #3, Chorus from Judas Macabeus, March in G, Witches Dance, Gavotte by Lully

Book 3: Berceuse, Scherzo, Minuet #3 with minor section, Humoresque

Book 4: Breval Sonata 1st movement

Book 5: Vivaldi 3rd & 4th Movements, Arioso

Book 6 and up: Contact the institute director at (562) 584-6527 or



Book 1: All

Book 2: Allegro, A Toye, Andante (Carcassi), Allegretto (Giuliani), Andantino (Carcassi), Waltz (Calatayud)

Book 3 and up: Nonesuch, Greensleeves, Packington’s Pound, Waltz from Sonata no. 9 by Paganini & Etude by Carulli



Please have the following prepared:

Two polished performance ready pieces

Two working pieces

Questions? E-mail the institute director at (562) 584-6527 or