Student Honors Recitals*

The application deadline is May 22, 2019.

*Schedules are subject to change.

There will be one Student Honors Recital at LASI 2019.

Recital will be at 1:00pm on Monday June 17.

Please read the following guidelines CAREFULLY:


1. Application to perform on the Student Honors Recital does not guarantee you will be chosen. Decisions are made by the Student Honors Recital Committee and all decisions are final.

2. Please note that preference is given to shorter pieces so that more students can perform.

3. Use the form below to submit your application to perform on a Student Honors Recital. One form per piece submitted. Also, each piece submitted must have a separate YouTube URL link.

4. Submit your application by May 22. No applications will be accepted after May 22. You will be contacted by June 1 if you have been chosen to perform.

5. Piano accompaniment is HIGHLY recommended for your audition, unless you are a pianist.

6. Your video should be made with the supervision of your teacher, and only a polished piece (played by memory!) should be submitted.

7. Make sure the video shows full view of the student's body posture and clear view of their hands and instrument. PIANISTS - please make sure the camera angle is set so your hands and fingers are visible - the committee does not want to see a video of your back.

8. Please check the video for sound and picture quality before submitting. Things to check include:

  • Can the tone of the musician be clearly heard? Are there extra sounds in the background?

  • Check the light contrast - can the performer be clearly seen? (Darker backgrounds provide a better contrast.)

  • Use a tripod for a steady video quality, if possible.

9. Please upload your audition video using YouTube.  

Step 1: Create a YouTube Account:

  • You will need a Google/gmail account to create a YouTube Account (Google/gmail is used to sign into YouTube).

  • The username and password for Google/gmail and YouTube are the same - they are all under the same account.

Step 2: How to upload a video to YouTube:

  • Go to and log in

  • Click on "Upload" in the upper right hand corner of the page.

  • A screen will pop up that has a large arrow and says "Select Files to Upload"

  • Before choosing a file, click below on the small box and arrow that says "Public." Three options will drop down and you want to select "Unlisted." This will make the video you upload completely private unless you send someone the link. "Unlisted" videos are not available to be viewed by the public. Do not choose "Private" as then we will not be able to view your video.

  • Click on the large arrow to select a video from your computer's hard drive or from a camera device connected to your computer.

  • Once the video is selected it will upload and YouTube will tell you how much time is remaining. This can take a while - so plan to have time to wait.

  • While the video loads, in the "Description" box, delete the automatic file name and type in the video title as follows:

    • Student's Last Name, First Name, Title of Pieces, Composer of Piece, Date of the Recording, Reason for submitting the video

    • i.e. "Smith, John, Maysong, S. Suzuki, June 10, 2018, Honors Recital Audition 2019)

  • Double check the right side of the page that your video is "Unlisted" so only people with the link can view your video.

  • Once the upload is complete, click the "Done" button. Wait for YouTube to finish processing the video (this may take a while).

  • When the video is done processing, click on the URL address listed for your video. (The URL will be shown in a box as a link on the page your video has uploaded to.)

  • Copy and paste the URL address onto the form you submit to the Los Angeles Suzuki Institute.


10. Please preview your recording via YouTube using the URL address you have copy and pasted into the application form. Things to check include:

  • Is there sound?

  • Is there a picture?

  • Are the notes & rhythm correct?

  • Is the solo played without stopping?

11. If you are selected for a recital, you will be REQUIRED to perform the piece that you audition with.

12. All rehearsals with the LASI accompanist will be scheduled on Sunday June 16th in the morning. Rehearsal times will be assigned individually.

Application to play on Student Honors Recital

2019 Deadline has passed and applications are no longer being accepted.

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Please upload your audition video using YouTube. How to upload a video to YouTube: