Teacher Workshop Participant Orientation

This online orientation is taking the place of having an in person orientation meeting on campus.

Please read through the information and then ANSWER THE QUESTIONS AT THE END before you start your training course at LASI 2019.

Campus Logistics & Teacher Training Logistics

1. Pick up your registration packet and schedule at the Suzuki Office in Skandera Hall P102 at Pitzer College, 1050 N Mills Ave, Claremont, CA 91711. We recommend entering “Pitzer Service Road” as the destination in your GPS as this will put you closest to the Suzuki Office.

See below for your specific schedule pickup time.

  • Every Child Can schedule pickup is 8-9am on June 14. Class starts at 9am.

  • You do NOT need to bring your instrument to the Every Child Can course.

  • Unit 1 classes (Violin & Cello) schedule pickup is 8-9am on June 15. Class starts at 9am on June 15. String players bring your instrument to all classes.

  • Single Unit schedule pickup begins June 16 from 9am and on. First training class is at 2pm on June 16. Bring your instrument to all classes.

  • Enrichment Course schedule pickups is 8-9am on June 15. Class starts at 9am on June 15. Bring your instrument to all classes. Please note that this class will finish at 1:50pm on June 16 and the single unit courses will start at 2:00pm on June 16.

  • IF YOU ARRIVE BEFORE JUNE 16, please email lasi@suzukimusiclosangeles.com with your planned arrival time so we can be sure to meet you at the Suzuki Office in Skandera Hall P102.

2. A map of campus with Skandera Hall circled on it can be found HERE.

3. Parking is free. Park in lot 'East Mesa Parking'. This lot is circled on the map of campus.

4. If you are staying in the dorm at Pitzer College, a 20 minute mandatory dorm meeting will be held on Sunday June 16 at 4:10pm. Please be sure to check your schedule packet for the exact time. (This meeting is required even if you arrive before June 16.)

5. The SAA requires 100% attendance for all teacher training classes. You MUST be ON TIME for every single class.

  • If you are a heavy sleeper, make sure someone knocks on your door.

  • Do not miss class and do not be late.

  • You only have to be late 10 minutes six times, and that's an entire hour of class you missed.

6. Unit 1 class has 28 hours of class time and 15 hours of required observations.

7. Single Units (other than Unit 1) have 15 hours of class time and 8 hours of required observations.

8. Enrichment Courses have 10 hours of class time.

9. Your Teacher Trainer may assign you specific classes to observe and/or videos to watch.

10. Count and plan your observation hours carefully to make sure you get enough. Please note that the last student class for observation ends on Friday June 21 at 12pm. There are no observation opportunities after 12pm on Friday June 21! 

11. Please be very quiet and polite when observing student classes - the class is about the child and we do not want to disturb or disrupt their experience learning their instrument.

12. Training classes are scheduled between 9am-4pm EXCEPT:

  • Violin Unit 1 & Cello Unit 1 on June 22 will meet starting at 8am.

13. In your registration packet that you pick up at the Suzuki Office at Pitzer College, you will have a "Master Schedule". This schedule will list when your training classes are and when student classes you may observe are scheduled.

14. If you don't have a training class until later in the day, be sure to go to your trainers student classes that are scheduled earlier in the day.

15. The "Master Schedule" uses a number system for master classes. For example, '603-703' means that that master class has students from Book 6, 3rd piece in the book through Book 7, 3rd piece in the book. 

16. The required SAA Focus Meeting is held Wednesday June 19 at 6:30pm in Fletcher 106. Led by Trina Hodgson.

17. Recitals are in the evening at various times - details will be in the Student Handbook you receive at schedule pickup.

18. Tuesday June 18 is the guest artist recital with cellist Austin Huntington at 1:15pm.  Following the guest artist recital, all afternoon classes meet 30 minutes later than normally scheduled.

19. ICE CREAM SOCIAL - The Suzuki Music Association of California - Los Angeles Branch is hosting a Suzuki Teacher Ice Cream Social on Sunday June 16 from 4:30-5:30pm on the McConnell Apron (patio outside the cafeteria). Come and socialize and meet fellow teachers and faculty.

Tips for getting the most out of your teacher training

  1. Learn all the pieces by memory for the book you are taking training in.

  2. Spend time with your colleagues and talk with them, go over things with them.

  3. There are 'Parent Talks' throughout the week - they are not just for parents! They're for teacher workshop participants as well - in fact, some are just for teacher workshop participants and not for parents at all!

  4. String teachers may come play with the students on the finale concert on Friday at 4:00pm. As long as you know pieces by memory you may stand behind the students and play with them.

  5. Encourage your students to attend future institutes! Watching your own students being taught by master teachers can be a huge learning experience!

  6. When you have students who attend institute, give them a forum to talk about it back in your home program. They in turn will become the most committed kids in your program and the leaders - which leads to more studio retention! Use this to build community in your studio.

  7. You are going to hear lots of ideas this week. Bob Duke says people react to idea three ways:

    • Yea I already knew that!

    • I don't believe it!

    • What does it matter?

It may not make sense now, or 3 months from now or 6 months from now. Keep an open mind!  First try it, then say something.

Learn lots and bring it back to your kids and change the world one parent and one student at a time!

Please fill in the following form so we know that you have read the orientation information - remember - this is saving you from sitting in a meeting and hearing this information in person!

If you want to watch a funny music video on youtube, fill in the form and you will receive the suggestion! (With apologies to all violists out there - but since the director is a violist we figure we can get away with including this video recommendation.)

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