What is a twinkler?

A twinkler is a student who has mastered all the twinkle variations. If you child is still learning the twinkle variations or hasn’t added fingers to their pieces yet, they are considered “pre-Twinkle.”

Please note that "pre-Twinkle" classes are not offered at the institute. Students must have mastered at least the "Twinkle Variations.”

Any student applying to the twinkler program will need a recommendation from their teacher to participate in the twinkler program to help make sure that the student is placed correctly in classes. (Once you have registered for the program, LASI will contact your teacher for the recommendation.)

The Twinkler program at LASI is recommended for 4-6 year olds. If your twinkler is 7 years old and up, please contact to discuss program placement.

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Twinkler Schedule

Twinklers have three classes per day - a semi-private lesson called a Master Class, a Suzuki group class and an enrichment class such as musicianship, art or Dalcroze. Twinkler schedules run from 10am-3pm with a break for lunch at 12pm and an optional hour at 1pm when the Twinkler may attend a recital, participate in a play-in or take a break. There are optional evening activities.