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Who can attend LASI?

Enrollment is open to Suzuki violin, viola, cello, guitar and piano students of all levels who currently study with a teacher who uses the Suzuki method and materials and has taken Suzuki Teacher Training.

Can I drop my child off at LASI?

LASI is not a drop off program. The program is designed with the understanding that parents will be involved, as they are at home, with lessons, practice, and the general supervision of their children. The program is designed as a family experience and it is best to have one adult for each young child enrolled. Children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult at ALL times. No exceptions, this rule is for safety because Pitzer College is an open campus. 

Do I go with my child to classes or can I set up an “office” on campus to work from?

Parents attend lessons with their children, help them prepare for the next day’s classes and are expected to remain with their children during meals and leisure time, as well as during classes. Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children and the safety of their valuables while attending the Institute. You are welcome to set up an “office” between classes as long as your child is supervised.

I have more than one child - how do I watch both of them?

We STRONGLY recommend a second adult attend with the other child. If that is not possible, LASI is very careful with the scheduling and will make sure that your children’s semi-private lessons are not scheduled at the same time so you will be able to attend both of them. For other classes, we recommend dropping one child off (usually the older one) and then going with the other child to their class. Pick up the other child at the end of their class.  Of course this depends a bit on your children and if they're able to handle being dropped off.

We ask that younger siblings are able to sit quietly thru classes without being disruptive to the students in the class. If the younger sibling isn’t able to do this, we ask that child care be found while you attend LASI with your older child. (We do not provide child care.) Children are not allowed to be unattended on campus so the sibling cannot be sent out of the class to wander around campus, entertaining themselves. The campus is an open campus and it is a strict safety issue that children must be with guardians at all times.

Another suggestion is to ask around in your teacher's studio to see if there are any other families with children at the same/age level as your children and to work out a buddy system where you keep an eye on each other's children while you're at the class with your other child. This system works only if the students are within 1 piece of each other and similar ages. If you are able to get this option to work, please make a note of it on your institute application.

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I have another child who takes music lessons but they’re not Suzuki Method - what can they do at LASI?

We offer two enrichment classes for siblings - Dalcroze and Art. Siblings must be 4-10 years old and must be taking music lessons (but perhaps they are with traditional method or on an instrument not offered at LASI). More Info.

How should we prepare for LASI?

Students should review the entire Suzuki repertoire up to his or her current playing level by memory. Specific repertoire lists will be available on this website before the workshop.

At the first master class, students should be prepared to play a polished piece as a solo for the teacher.  A technically and musically mature piece will help the teacher assess the student’s needs – pick an old piece that you know really well.